Nova Support Home

The Nova Support Home is a group home-style environment designed to support adults with a range of diverse and complex needs. The program provides an environment that resembles a typical home while at the same time establishing and maintaining a therapeutic environment. Nova Support Home strives to establish and maintain a routine and structure that assists the residents in the management of their day-to-day activities. Residents are encouraged to attend work programs that best suit their needs, as well as in-house and out-of-home programming.

The adults residing in the Nova Support Home work toward person-centred goals established in collaboration with their support networks. These goals are unique based on need and strive to improve daily living. The program boasts the ability to increase community access, develop support networks and enhance independence for the adults residing in the Nova Support Home.

The basis of the Nova Support Home is to equip our supported adults with the necessary tools for them to develop the life skills necessary to live as independently as possible through their day-to-day lives. The Nova Support Home is intended for long-term support, supporting adults into their senior years. Programming is highly individualized, allowing for the best possible opportunities for each individual.

The Nova Support Home may be accessed through referral by Disability Services.