Mountain Plains Community Services Society of the North (MPCSSN) is a non-profit, charitable society governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our society has operated numerous diverse community and family focused programs that are designed to address the unique needs of the Northwest region of Alberta since 1972. Currently we offer services in partnership with Alberta Health Services and Alberta Human Services.
Mountain Plains CSSN is accredited by the CARF International and is a member of the ALIGN Association of Community Services as well as the Children’s Welfare League of Canada.
The services we provide are:

  • Youth programs which provide care and protection for teens during periods of crisis, and levels of services which will allow them to recognize their inner potential so can make positive choices.
  • Educational programs for teens which include life skills, work experience and social skills training.
  • Supported independent and co-operative living that provide opportunities for adolescents to learn to manage their own lives.
  • Client-centred voluntary and court-mandated detox and stabilization programs.
  • Wellness Coordinators who ensure our clients’ emotional, spiritual and physical health.
  • In-Home and Family Support designed to nurture, teach and support individuals who require extra support in their everyday lives.

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Create Authentic Experiences: “We believe that it is through experience and exposure that individuals develop their identities, as such we seek to ensure that we are consistently creating memorable moments that can be both rewarding and challenging to support personal development.”

Take Ownership and Pride:We hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of quality and care in all that we do. We ensure that when we complete any task, project, intervention or activity it’s done in a way that we are proud of.”

Commit to Continuous Growth: “We believe that every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow, which means every experience should be reflected on and evaluated. We recognize that growth happens through self reflection, feedback, and consultation so we can thrive in an environment where these behaviours are not only encouraged, but also celebrated.”


To help people navigate the hard parts of life.