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Striving for the best outcomes for children and their families through a variety of services designed to support the vulnerable members of our community.

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Trauma. We’ve all got it. Big, small, convoluted, simple (relatively), life-changing, or seemingly insignificant. Sometimes it’s an isolated incident and we can move through it somewhat easily. Other times, it creeps up without notice and drags us right back to the specific incident.  The definition of trauma from integratedlistening.com describes it as “the response to […]

The Importance of Sensory Stimulation

Have you ever had the opportunity to just sit and exist on this planet; to really enjoy our human ability to experience our senses? On the flip side,  have you ever imagined what it might be like to lose one of your senses? Maybe your sight, hearing, or even the ability to use your hands?  […]

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