Aurora Youth Care

The Aurora Youth Care program is a five-bed residential program designed to support youth struggling with a suspected or diagnosed mental health concern including but not limited to depression, anxiety, self-harming behavior, suicidal ideation, etc. Four of these beds are used to support youth on a long-term treatment basis, while the fifth bed consists of a respite room used for short-term support. All program staff are trained in Mental Health First Aid and have received specialized training in mental health and trauma to best support the needs of the youth residing in the program.

The main focuses of the program are 1) creating stabilization and coping mechanisms that allow the youth to safely transition into a less invasive placement while working on age appropriate life skills, and 2) supporting the youth in identifying and creating a diverse support system.

Aurora Youth Care allows for youth to integrate into main stream school systems while at the same time maintaining stability and enhanced positive mental health. The youth residing at Aurora are encouraged to find and join activities and interests throughout the community. The program also works closely with community partners such as a cultural navigator to assist the youth in development and understanding of culture. The program utilizes workshops to assist youth in developing life skills and is connected with mental health therapists to allow for individual and group counselling for supported youth.

The program boasts its own sensory room for stimulation and relaxation. The sensory room is filled with tools for the youth to use to help them regulate their emotions, practice grounding techniques, and have space to relax.

The Aurora Youth Care program may be accessed by referral by Children Services.