Horizon Youth Care

The Horizon Group Care home (formerly known as the Rycroft Group Home) is a community-based resource providing 24-hour care and protection for teens during periods of crisis and transition on a long-term treatment basis. The program consists of in-home and out-of-home programming, as well as an onsite Alberta Learning Certified school program. Programming is designed to support youth who may be struggling with behavioral or emotional health during periods of crisis or transition.

While residing in the Horizon Group Care home, youth are expected to attend an in-house day program which consists of education, life skills, leisure time, work experience, and social-skills training. In addition to this, the program supports youth in development in the areas such as recreation, social, emotional, basic life skills, and life counselling through individualized goal plans within an safe and structured environment.

Horizon Group Care provides an atmosphere that would replicate a family environment while at the same time providing a therapeutic service that is unique to each youth in care. Horizon Group Care specializes in its ability to provide support for emotional and behavioral issues and treatment to minimize the effects of past traumatic experiences. Furthermore, the program boasts the ability to assist youth in the development of their unique identity, personality, and social functioning.

Upon exiting the program youth may return to their families or communities, or transfer to an appropriate long-term placement such as foster care, independent living, or supported-independent living.

The Horizon Group Care program may be accessed by referral by Children Services.