Lyra Supported Independent Living

This program is specially designed to assist youth between the ages of 14 and 18 years of age in developing their independent living and life skills to prepare for adulthood. The program completes an assessment with each youth to determine which areas the youth needs t work on to be successful in adulthood. Once the assessment is complete, the program then works on the identified skills such as budgeting, time-management, job searching, and career development. The program utilizes a number of tools, including hands-on activities, group workshops, individual teachings, and one-on-one coaching. The program provides support to youth in maintaining their educational goals as well as gaining and maintaining employment. Youth meet with a Support Worker weekly to discuss life skill goals they would like to achieve. The program assists youth in building a support network that includes both professional and non-professional supports.

The program assists youth who may be experiencing periods of homelessness in discovering resources that are available to them and/or to secure safe accommodations within the community.

Our team is able to provide ongoing support in maintaining accommodations and ensuring that youth have the necessary furnishings and financial means to reside in an independent placement.

The Lyra Supported Independent Living program may be accessed by referral by Children Services.