Luna Program

The Luna Program first opened its doors for clients in June, 2019; making it Mountain Plains’ newest program. Like the Assisted Cooperative Living and In Home Support Programs, this program was designed for adults with status with Disability Services. The program seeks to support adults in the healthy development of daily living skills such as cooking balanced meals, budgeting, household chores, cooperative living, banking, job searching, and setting and attaining goals. Support will also be offered in reaching educational goals set by the individual.

Each individual supported by the Luna program will be asked to participate in a Person-Centered Plan, which focuses on their strengths, interests, preferences, and personal goals. Planning will occur upon intake and annually thereafter.

Program Components:

  • Assistance in maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe residence
  • Person-Centered Planning
  • Life Skills Assessments
  • Training in life skills such as banking, nutrition, budgeting, job searching, etc.
  • Opportunities to gain knowledge in areas such as problem solving, career planning, etc.
  • Support in meeting educational needs
  • Assistance in developing a stable and dependable support system within the community
  • Support in maintaining healthy relationships, and family inclusion where appropriate
  • To live independently or cooperatively with others

The Luna program can be accessed by referral by Disability Services. This program may also be accessed by referral through Children Services and/or Family Support for Children with Disabilities if a youth is turning 18 years of age in the near future and has been pre-approved for status with Disability Services.