Assisted Cooperative Living

The ACL program is a residential program with a primary focus to increase the life skills and independence of adults with status with Disability Services. There are currently three sub-divisions under the ACL program. This program allows for adults to pay rent to live in a home setting with room-mates. Upon intake and annually, each resident of ACL will be asked to participate in the development of their Person-Centered Plan, which focuses on their strengths, interests, abilities, preferences, and personal goals. ACL staff will be present and available 24/7 to assist residents in achieving their self-identified goals.

While in the ACL home, residents are asked to participate in a day-program. This may be schooling, volunteering, or working. The ACL home has a monthly calendar posted of all activities and community events in the area, as well as a monthly meal plan. ACL residents will have a level of responsibility to the home, including maintaining their own space and assisting with the maintenance of the common areas.

Program Components:

  • Assistance in maintaining a clean, healthy, and safe residence
  • Person-centered planning and goal settings
  • Life Skills Assessments
  • Training in life skills (such as banking, nutrition, budgeting, job searching, etc.)
  • Opportunities to gain knowledge in areas such as problem solving, career planning, etc.
  • Support in meeting educational needs
  • Assistance in developing a stable and dependable support system within the community
  • Support in maintaining healthy relationships and family inclusion where appropriate
  • To live cooperatively with others

The ACL program can be accessed by referral by Disability Services. This program may also be accessed by referral through Children Services and/or Family Support for Children with Disabilities if a youth is turning 18 years of age in the near future and has been pre-approved for status with Disability Services.