Youth Residential Detox and Stabilization Program

This program opened in 2008 in partnership with Alberta Health Services, offering a ten-day voluntary and a ten-day court mandated Protection of Children Abusing Drgs (PChAD) stabilization program for youth ages 12-18. In the fall of 2018 the program converted to become a secure facility in order to offer the best services for the youth that have been court-mandated to partake in the ten-day detoxification and stabilization programming.

In order to best understand this program, it is important to understand that the voluntary program and the court-mandated program have several differences.

The Voluntary Program:

Youth in the voluntary program have a self-identified need for 24-hour support while detoxing from drugs or other substances. Youth are introduced to two educational groups per day that cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to Harm Reduction, Substance Use, Self-Care, Wellness, Relapse Prevention, and Stages of Change. Youth may also participate in two organized recreational activities per day, which may include supervised outings or in-house recreation. Voluntary youth have access to an Alberta Health Services Addictions Counsellor and family involvement is also strongly encouraged. Youth in this program have been self-admitted, and may also choose to discharge from the program at any point in the time during the 10-day program.

The Protection of Children Abusing Drugs (PChAD) Program (court-mandated):

Youth in the PChAD program are court-mandated to participated in a 10-day detoxification and stabilization program. Once a court order has been put in place, youth are transported to the facility by their parents or the RCMP. Youth may review their file upon arrival to the program, which results in a judge hearing the review within 48-hours of the request. While in this program, youth will participate in two educational groups daily, and may also participate in in-home recreational activities. Youth in this program may not leave the premises at any time during their 10-day program. Youth in this program have access to an Alberta Health Services Addiction Counsellor and family involvement is strongly encouraged.

How to Access Services & what to expect:

  • Contact the AHS Addictions and Mental Health team at Grande Prairie Nordic Court (780-538-5162) to set up a session
  • Complete a session with an Addictions Counsellor


  • Voluntary Program:
    • Complete intake with Addictions Counsellor
    • Schedule intake time to arrive on-site
    • Complete intake on-site
  • PChAD Program:
    • Complete PChAD Pre-application session with Addictions Counsellor
    • Call PChAD 1-888 line to inform them of court date
    • Present application of PChAD Order to the court
    • Call PChAD 1-888 line to place a PChAD bed on hold
    • Transport youth to Detox & Stabilization location to complete on-site intake