Onyx Support Home

The Onyx Support Home was newly developed and opened in Red Deer County in the fall of 2018. This program has been specially designed to provide 24-hour care and support for youth transitioning to a less-invasive home-like environment using a long-term community treatment model. The program consists of in-home and out-of-home programming designed for youth who may be struggling with behavioral or emotional health.

While residing in the Onyx Support Home, youth attend in-house programming including education, life skills development, leisure time, and social-skills training. Additionally, the program seeks to develop the youth’s ability to process emotions and cope with stressors and triggers.

The Onyx Support Home provides an atmosphere that would replicate a family environment while at the same time providing a therapeutic service that is unique to the supported individual. The Onyx Support Home specializes in its ability to provide behavior and emotional support and treatment to minimize the effects of past traumatic experiences and developmental diagnosis. Furthermore, the program boasts the ability to assist youth in the development of their unique identity, personality, and social functioning.

The Onyx Support Home may be accessed by referral by Children Services.